Palestinian politicians angered by leaks

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Palestinian politicians angered by leaks

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The claims in the leaks have met with an angry response from the Palestinian leadership in the West Bank.

On a visit to Egypt, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denied the allegations and called for them to be independently verified.

“This is about creating confusion,” he told reporters. “They presented something as a Palestinian document when, in fact, it was an Israeli one. We have nothing to hide and every Arab country without exception knows this.”

The chief Palestinian negotiator at the time has alleged that at least part of the documents have been made up.

Hamas, the rival militant Islamist group controlling the Gaza Strip, said the documents show the Palestinian leadership under Mr. Abbas has surrendered to Israel.

“This confirms that the Palestinian Authority is handing over the rights of their people, especially over Jerusalem,” said a spokesman. “It is proof that the Palestinian Authority is misleading its public.”

Current peace talks have been suspended for months over Israel’s refusal to stop its settlement building programme on land claimed by the Palestinians.

There has been no comment on the leaks from the Israeli government so far.