Major sources of Middle East dispute outlined in "leaks"

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Major sources of Middle East dispute outlined in "leaks"

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Palestinian refugees “right to return” has proved one of the major stumbling blocks in negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians. An estimated three and a half million live in camps.

The right to return is sacred and non-negotiable for five million Palestinian refugees.

But according to what are now referred to as the Palestinian Papers, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat offered to cap their number at 10 thousand per year for ten years – so a total of only 100 000 would be allowed back.

Jerusalem is vaunted by the Israelis as their eternal and indivisible capital. The same is true for the Palestinians regarding East Jerusalem.

it is a thorny issue and one often left to the end of talks.

Palestinian negotiators, so the documents also claim, were prepared to hand over part of the Jewish and Armenian quarters in the Old Town.

Unprecedented concessions are said to have even been tabled on the Muslim holy site at Al Aqsa, known to the Jews as Temple Mount-

One of the papers details an offer from the former Prime Minister and Chief Palestinian negotiator, Ahmed Qurei in June 2008 concerning the inflammatory issue of Jewish settlements in Jerusalem.

Qurei suggested that the Israelis officially annexed all their settlements in Jerusalem, with the exception of Jabal Abu or Har Homa as it is in Hebrew. Qurei himself labelled this an offer without precedent in history.