Police protest in support of Tunisian uprising

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Police protest in support of Tunisian uprising

Police protest in support of Tunisian uprising
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As Tunisia spends a second day in national mourning to honour the victims of the Jasmine Revolution.

The country’s police, so often a tool of repression under overthrown President Ben Ali, took to the streets for a second day in support of the uprising and against the interim government of President Foued Mebazza and Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi.

Ghannouchi went on TV and vowed to quit politics after elections, a pledge intended to appease protesters who want the remnants of the old guard out of office:

“I promise to stop all my political activity after my period leading to a transitional government,” he said.

Efforts by members of the former ruling party, the RCD, to recast themselves as victims of the Ben Ali regime are growing louder by the day.

Ghannouchi has promised to compensate the families of the victims of human rights abuses.

Authorities have also arrested 33 members of the deposed president’s family.

Police on streets have been running the gauntlet of public anger for their role in proping up Ben Ali for the last 23 years.

“We have nothing at all, we have also been subject to attacks from everyone. We are searching for freedom, but we are not free yet,” said one protesting officer in Tunis.

Ben Ali fell after weeks of unrest sparked by anger over poverty, unemployment and repression.

The speed of change has alarmed many across the Arab world.