Tunisia's ministers resign from Ben Ali's party

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Tunisia's ministers resign from Ben Ali's party

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It has been announced that every minister in Tunisia’s interim government has resigned from the RCD party of ousted President Ben Ali.

The hope is that this will go some way to restoring credibility in the stop-gap cabinet.

Four ministers quit the fledgling government earlier this week, disappointed that some members of the Ben Ali regime remained in situ.

The opposition figurehead Najib Chebbi said responding to the will of the people is not always the best way forward, especially if they are wrong.

Speaking to Euronews, he said dissolving the RCD party is not a legal obligation, but making sure it is separated from the state is.

He cited examples of revolutions in Eastern Europe, none of which have ended in the dissolution of the Communist Party.

On the streets, protestors are keeping up the pressure for a government free of ties with the old leadership.

They have been promised a “complete break with the past.”

33 members of the Ben Ali family are reportedly under arrest, while Tunisia’s remaining political prisoners have been freed.