Tunisia set for coalition government with more talks planned

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Tunisia set for coalition government with more talks planned

Tunisia set for coalition government with more talks planned
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On the streets of Tunis there is a delicate peace as tanks and soldiers stood guard after a night of looting.

In the suburbs there have been reports of men shooting at random from cars. Its believed they are loyal to the deposed President. South of the capital in the town of Monastir officials said 42 inmates were killed after a prison riot.

The speaker Fouad Al Mebazza has been sworn in as acting president. He announced on state television he has asked the Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi to form a coalition government.

Bringing stability to the streets will be a priority as the politicians hold talks on Sunday with the aim, said one, of bringing real reforms to the country. The people have been reflecting.

“Good Morning, yes our morning is good as long as Tunisia have brave men. Yes, Tunisia is doing well,” said one.

“Our money was taken. Our children were made orphans. We were massacred and driven for 23 years with nothing,” added another.

“He is the biggest dictator in the world. The story has never been equalled. That general who built his

fortune he and his beautiful family at the expense of the blood of our martyrs in Sidi Bouzid, in the town of El Kef, Jendouba, el Gasrin.” pointed out one resident of Tunis.

“We want a new ruler, a new president who is close to the people’s concerns, these poor people who want nothing but a job,” reflected another.

The official news agency has confirmed the country’s airspace, closed on Friday, has reopened while all the airports are operating again.

“A precarious calm is prevailing in Tunisia today after the dismissal of President Ben Ali,” reports Euronews’s correspondent Jamal Ezzeddini from Tunis. “Everybody is hoping for a return of stability and calm after the chaos Tunisia witnessed yesterday.”