Rumpus over 'wrong' zodiac signs

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Rumpus over 'wrong' zodiac signs

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The suggestion that the signs of the zodiac are all wrong has prompted near panic, judging from the buzz on the internet over the past week.

The idea that a Pisces star sign for example should really be Aquarius has disturbed horoscope followers.

The US astronomy professor behind all the fuss, Paul Kunkle from Minneapolis, says it is down to the Earth’s wobbly orbit.

“When astrology developed… the sun then would have been in a particular constellation, but over the thousands of years since then, the orientation has changed like that and now the sun is in a different constellation on that same date,” he said.

His claims have been dismissed by New York astrologer Diana Brownstone. The Zodiac is the same, she says, and so too are people’s signs.

“It takes 12 months for the Earth to revolve around the sun and that’s what we base astrology on, the seasons and the months and the equinoxes. We do not base it on the constellations. So while they’re saying there’s a thirteenth sign, no, it’s just another constellation. They redefined the constellations with the Astronomers Union and they’re trying to scare people and bring more attention to astronomers because astrologers get all the attention.”

In Times Square there was little evidence of an astrological identity crisis, as a group of girls confidently proclaimed their particular star sign.

Although there has been speculation that people with star sign tattoos may seek to have them removed or covered up, so far there are no reports of tattoo parlours being inundated with requests.