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Protesters call on Ben Ali to quit now

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Protesters call on Ben Ali to quit now


The Tunisian capital Tunis is the scene of massive protests demanding the immediate resignation of the president Zine al-Albadine Ben Ali who has said that the army will no longer fire on protesters except in self defence. Our correspondent is among the protesters.

Euronews journalist Jamel Ezzedini said: “I am now in the main avenue of the Tunisian capital, Al Habib Bourgiba, where thousands of Tunisians are demonstrating and demanding the resignation of the president and the government. The demands are no longer about social conditions, there is only one call — for the departure of the president.”

Small groups of government supporters are also on the streets but they are vastly outnumbered by the opposition. The president has already said that he will step down in 2014 but pressure is mounting for him to leave office immediately.

The protests were kicked off by an unemployed graduate who set himself alight when told he could not sell vegetables without a permit.

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