Germany unveils anti-dioxin action plan

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Germany unveils anti-dioxin action plan

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Germany has unveiled an action plan to enforce higher standards in animal feed following the recent dioxin food scandal.

The discovery of the deadly chemical, which can cause cancer, triggered a global health scare with fears the toxin had contaminated German eggs, poultry and pork.

The new 10-point licensing system will see stricter controls placed on producers, including what oils and fats go into feed and how they are separated.

Germany’s Agriculture Minister said:“Everyone needs to take responsibility: the federal government in terms of the law, states for monitoring and clarification, and business which has to uphold the rules.’‘

Despite the latest bid by Berlin to drastically raise standards, one former agriculture minister and green group leader slammed the latest controls.

Renate Künast said: “The main points of this action plan are stolen. They originally come from the green minister in North Rhine-Westfalia. The text is vague and it doesn’t accomplish the aims it has set out. In my opinion, this action plan could have been written by the animal food industry.”

The initiative comes nearly two weeks after the poisonous chemical dioxin was discovered in produce fed to hens and pigs.

That prompted authorities to temporarily stop food shipments from some 4,000 farms. China and South Korea also placed bans on the importation of German pig and poultry products.