Protests in Paris as Tunisia unrest escalates

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Protests in Paris as Tunisia unrest escalates

Protests in Paris as Tunisia unrest escalates
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Around 200 people demonstrated outside the Tunisian embassy in Paris late on Tuesday against a government crackdown on recent protests in the north African country.

The crowd chanted slogans and called on President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, in power since 1987, to resign.

Saida, a French Tunisian, said her people do not trust a government that fixed elections to stay in power.

She said Tunisians tolerated Ben Ali when the economy was in good shape but now it’s impossible to cover up their suffering and misery.

Violence erupted again on Tuesday night in Kasserine, central Tunisia.

Locals alleged gunmen shot at protesters from the rooftops but authorities counter they attacked the police.

The Tunisian government claims 21 people have died in the past three days of violent clashes.

But local medics, unions and human rights groups say the number of fatalities is closer to fifty.

The unrest was sparked last month when a 26-year-old jobless graduate doused himself in petrol and set himself on fire.

Mohammed Bouazizi sold fruit and vegetables to make a living but police confiscated his produce because he did not have a permit.

He died of his injuries on January 5.