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German pork now feared dioxin-tainted

11/01/11 17:13 CET

Germany’s dioxin contaminated eggs scandal has spread to pork, and could also concern poultry, as well as cow’s milk. More than 4,700 German farms were closed down last week as a precaution.

The European Union has said it is not considering aid to affected producers, as repairing the damage is not held to be the EU’s responsibility.

A European Commission spokesman said: “This is the fourth time in ten years there has been a dioxin accident in the EU: in 2003 in Germany, 2006 in Belgium, 2008 in Ireland and now in 2010-2011 again in Germany. Each time it is linked to fats released into the food chain. We think four times in a decade is enough!”

A north German firm is suspected of knowingly supplying animal feed makers thousand of tonnes of fats meant for industrial use with high levels of potentially carcinogenic dioxins.

The Commission has told animal feed producers to propose their own corrective measures, before it considers legally-binding EU rules.

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