Scores dead in Iran plane crash

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Scores dead in Iran plane crash

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At least 77 people are now known to have died in a plane crash in northwest Iran.

The IranAir Boeing 727 crashed on Sunday night close to the city of Orumiyeh as it tried to make an emergency landing in heavy fog and snow.

Reports say 106 people were onboard. At least 27 of them are being in treated in hospital for their injuries, but doctors expect the death toll to rise.

“It was as if the plane had fallen down a hole,” one survivor told Iranian state TV.

“Everyone started screaming and yelling. My heart began beating very fast but I said to myself that I must place my trust in God.”

Regional officials say the pilot reported a technical fault before the crash but the nature of that fault is unclear. Investigators have recovered two black boxes from the aircraft.

The plane had been on its way from the capital Tehran when it crashed. Safety concerns have plagued Iran’s aviation industry for years.

International sanctions prevent its airlines from buying new planes and parts to update their fleets.