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Algeria govt cuts food prices after deadly riots

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Algeria govt cuts food prices after deadly riots


Four days of rioting in Algeria has forced the government to slash the price of staple foods in an effort to stop the street violence that has killed at least two people and injured several hundred more.

But even as ministers were holding a crisis meeting to decide what to do, more trouble was erupting in two cities east of the capital Algiers.

The government said it will cut import duties on basics like sugar and cooking oil and offered reassurances that it would not leave its people to the mercy of rising food prices.

Ministers claimed the measures would cut the cost of staples by up to 41 per cent.

Rising food prices provided the trigger, but the troubles were also fuelled by anger over youth unemployment and housing conditions.

The UN has said the world cost of staples hit a record high in December, and some could still rise even further.

As a major gas exporter, Algeria is thought to be well-placed to cushion the impact of high commodity prices.

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