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Chinese surrealism in Bern

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Chinese surrealism in Bern

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A collection of hitherto-unseen modern art from China features in a new exhibition ‘Big Draft – Shanghai’ in Bern, Switzerland.  
The man responsible for bringing these works to Europe is Uli Sigg who used to be the Swiss ambassador to Beijing. He is widely considered to be the one of the most influential foreigners in China and was the first to discover Chinese surrealism. 
The exhibition includes the work of 14 artists and the subject matter ranges from 9/11 to the cult of celebrity. 
One of the features of Chinese surrealism is that it provides a perfect way for artists to express themselves in a country which does not support the notion of free speech.
‘Big Draft – Shanghai’ at the Kunsmuseum in Bern runs until 2nd June.

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