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Love & Other Drugs


Love & Other Drugs

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Love & Other Drugs is a romantic comedy staring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

Edward Zwick, the director said: “This is the story of two young people who are desperate not to fall in love, in fact who would much rather fall into bed, but once that happens are incapable of resisting each other and have to deal with the consequences of what that engenders.”

Jake Gyllenhaal said: “I think they are actually trying to be more – I speak for my own character, but I think it’s somebody who is trying to be more, put something on for people he thinks he should be. And ultimately he meets somebody who makes him realize that who he is is enough.”

Anne Hathaway, said: “I think Maggie is doing the same thing for different reasons. I think Maggie, my character, is trying to avoid being herself because it’s easier to present a front to the world that doesn’t mean that much to her than actually risk her heart. And I think that’s another theme of the movie, is how much courage it takes to risk your heart.”

Love and Other Drugs is on screens now.

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