Liu Xiabao given Nobel Prize but mixed reactions persist

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Liu Xiabao given Nobel Prize but mixed reactions persist

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On the streets of Oslo, the atmosphere was chilly, and not just because of the wintry weather.

Chinese government supporters clashed with those backing Liu Xiabao and his call for democratic reform.

Heated words were exchanged and tempers began to fray.

The Norwegian police watched for a while before suggesting that both groups moved on.

The police were also in evidence in China, surrounding the home of Liu Xiabao’s wife in Beijing.

She has not been seen since the announcement of her husband’s award in October, and is said to be under house arrest.

As onlookers gathered, a barrier of blue plastic was erected around the compound.

Security was also tight in Tianamen Square.

Police checked the identification papers of everyone coming and going under the gaze of Mao Tse-Tung – revered as the founder of communist China.

Only time will tell if Liu Xiabao’s Nobel Prize will help or hinder the continuing calls for reform.