UK government wins vote on tuition fees

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UK government wins vote on tuition fees

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The British parliament has approved the controversial increase in university student tuition fees, but the government saw its 84-strong majority slashed to 21. Thousands of young people gathered in London to protest.

While the vast majority has expressed its opposition peacefully, there have been a number of skirmishes with police.

Police have been employing their controversial “kettling “ tactic, which involves herding the crowds into confined spaces in order to control them. A number of injuries have been reported on both sides, and several arrests have been made.

Eyewitnesses report police using batons on demonstrators, and ambulance workers say there have been a number of head injuries. In one incident a protestor in a wheelchair was dragged away by police.

As tempers rose mounted police charged the crowds, and one officer was injured after falling from his horse. As the evening wore on some protestors lit bonfires in the bitterly cold temperatures, and as the vote approached things calmed down a little, and police opened their kettle to allow protestors to leave.

Following the vote anger flared again.

Latest reports suggest that while the kettle in parliament square has been relaxed one near the Cenotaph war memorial remains closed. There no-one, including members of the press, is being allowed out, and an otherwise passive crowd is being pushed back aggressively by police.

Some have taken advantage of the police and media helicopters overhead, marking out a giant “No” sign in the lawn on Parliament square to get their message across.