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Iran ups the "ante" ahead of nuclear talks

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Iran ups the "ante" ahead of nuclear talks


Iran’s nuclear negotiating delegation has arrived in Geneva for talks with world powers over its atomic programme.

It is more than a year since Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States have met to discuss the issue with Tehran.

Even now a major breakthrough is not on the cards.

Instead, diplomats are hoping for little more than an agreement to hold more talks next year.

Western powers want Iran to suspend uranium enrichment activity which can produce fuel for nuclear power reactors or provide material for bombs.

Iran refuses while continuing to claim its programme is for peaceful purposes only. A sceptical US has warned of more sanctions.

But Tehran remains defiant and has ratcheted up tension ahead of today’s talks by declaring it would for the first time use domestically produced uranium concentrates. Such a move will cut out the need for imports of the ingredient for nuclear fuel.

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