Israeli officials hope to tame wildfire

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Israeli officials hope to tame wildfire

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Israel has said it hopes to have a deadly wildfire sweeping through its northern forests under control by late Sunday.

The worst inferno in the country’s history has already claimed at least 41 lives and forced more than 13,000 people to flee their homes.

“The general picture is better, more optimistic,’‘ Boaz Rakia, a firefighters’ spokesman, told reporters.

But he stressed it will be several more days before the blaze is completely extinguished.

Owing to a lack of equipment and fire-fighting planes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on other countries to help out.

“Israel has never prepared itself in any form for such a need,” he said.

“It can only be done with aircraft and we don’t have any other means. We need to bring in more planes.”

The United States has sent a team of experts to battle the blaze.

It has also dispatched three military aircraft, along with two other planes filled with firefighting supplies.