Few surprises expected after Egyptian ballot

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Few surprises expected after Egyptian ballot

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The outcome is being described as a foregone conclusion.

Egyptians have been voting in a run-off parliamentary election, which President Hosni Mubarak’s NDP party will win almost unchallenged.

This after the two biggest opposition groups pulled out of the race, claiming fraud and intimidation.

Egypt had rejected the deployment of overseas observers.

Political analyst Amro El Shobaky told euronews:

“The next parliament, without opposition and without legal and political legitimacy, will not reflect what’s happening in Egyptian society on the political level.”

In fact some of the toughest battles have actually been fought between two ruling party candidates.

Our reporter in Cairo, Mohamed Elhamy, said: “Here in this constituency two candidates from the ruling NDP party were competing, and this was repeated in many constituencies in the run-off vote. This after the withdrawal of the main opposition forces, which means the next parliament will have almost no opposition.”