Haiti bans anti-Preval rallies

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Haiti bans anti-Preval rallies

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Haiti has banned any more demonstrations against outgoing president, René Préval, after thousands rallied in the capital on Thursday.

They called on Préval and his protegé, presidential candidate Jude Célestin, to leave the country immediately.

The crowd also wanted a re-run of Sunday’s presidential and legislative elections amid widespread claims of fraud.

Meanwhile the United Nations says it could leave Haiti if the will of the people is ignored.

One disgruntled candidate, Fleurissant Junior, said: “This is unacceptable, we are not going to swallow it. On November 28 there was no election. The ballot boxes arrived full and 12 polling stations were closed because the ballot boxes were full in a way the favoured candidate wanted.”

Unrest has been simmering for days with most of the 18 candidates for the presidency joining protesters.

All this comes as Haiti continues to battle a cholera epidemic.

Polling papers from the election are being recounted with the results due on Tuesday. A run-off presidential vote has been slated for mid January.