Europe's big freeze claims more lives

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Europe's big freeze claims more lives

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Dozens of weather-related deaths are being reported across Europe, with 30 in Poland alone over the past three days.

Several regions are recording record snow falls, with officials struggling to clear roads and keep public services functioning.

Even convincing the homeless to seek better shelter is proving difficult.

Air, rail and road traffic remains badly disrupted. Britain’s second busiest airport, Gatwick, reopened, but flight disruptions remain.

One traveller at Gatwick said: “Everything is really expensive and we can’t leave from here because there’s no more buses, no coaches, anything. Everything is so expensive and EasyJet is not paying anything.”

Heavy snow is reported in many regions where these kinds of conditions are relatively rare, such as Britanny in France.

29 provinces in Spain are on high alert, with a holiday weekend likely to be ruined for those who had planned to travel.

Across Europe, schools and businesses have been forced to close and power has been cut in many places.