Snow and high winds batter much of Europe

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Snow and high winds batter much of Europe

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Snow and freezing temperatures continue to take their toll on road, rail and air travel across Europe.

Large parts of Poland have been covered in thick snow – up to 30 centimetres since Monday in the capital Warsaw.

At least two homeless people are said to have died from exposure after temperatures plummeted to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

In Germany those trying to get to work this morning will face another day of battling against the elements.

Yesterday dangerous road conditions caused numerous accidents killing three people and injuring 20.

In Bavaria a cattle carrier with more than 100 pigs on board overturned. 25 of the animals died and the lorry driver sustained serious injuries.

But in other parts of Europe it is storms which are causing problems. The Canary Islands have been put on Red alert due to winds up to 150 kilometres per hour.

The local ministry of development has mobilised all resources to cope with the bad weather as heavy rains are set to destroy the holiday island’s avocado harvest.