Red faces in Pompeii as more walls collapse

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Red faces in Pompeii as more walls collapse

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The Roman ruins of Pompeii have suffered more collapses – the third and fourth in a month. Two walls crumbled along one of the site’s main streets, the Via Stabiana.

A small chunk of a room in the “House of the Small Lupanar” also fell. Officials say the collapses were probably due to the heavy rain of the past few days.

They added that the walls had no artistic value.

Nevertheless, Pompeii’s decay has become an embarrassment for the Italian government.

“There is a continuous emergency because Pompeii is fragile. We have to realise that it is an

ancient town with some problems. We do need to intervene and that is what we are trying to do,” said Jeannette Papadopoulos, Pompeii’s archaeological superintendent.

Other recent collapses, including damage to the “House of the Gladiators”, have highlighted the state of the city, buried after Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

Money has been spent but archaeologists and opposition politicians have accused the government of neglect and mismanagement.

Culture minister Sandro Bondi has rejected calls for his resignation, pointing out that several other collapses earlier this decade proved they did not just happen when the centre-right was in power.