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Interpol puts WikiLeaks founder on wanted list

01/12/10 09:37 CET

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is coming under legal pressure from several quarters as his whistle-blowing website continues to release sensitive information.

On one hand the US authorities want to bring criminal charges on the basis that he may have violated espionage laws.

At the same time Interpol has issued a so-called Red Notice to assist his arrest over allegations of rape linked to a long standing case in Sweden.

While mystery surrounds Assange’s whereabouts, WikiLeaks continues to warn of more revelations in the coming months.

Certainly this week’s disclosures have been riveting enough. Saudi Arabia’s urging the US to bomb Iran over its nuclear programme and China’s apparent willingness to ditch its ally North Korea over what its describes as spoilt child behaviour have embarrassed leaders and attracted international attention.

Next for the WikiLeaks treatment is said to be the pharmceutical industry and possibly the Bank of America.

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