Is China reconsidering relationship with Pyongyang?

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Is China reconsidering relationship with Pyongyang?

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The worldwide Wikileaks fallout continues. This time, China and North Korea are caught up in the web. They may be allies, but is Pyongyang pushing Beijing’s loyalty too hard?

Leaked memos suggest China is reconsidering the relationship, and may even be getting comfortable with the idea of a reunified peninsula controlled by Seoul.

The news has made headlines, but Beijing says Wikileaks is the wrong place to discuss the future of North Korea.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said China has noted the relevant reports and hopes the US will resolve any relevant issues. He would not comment any further.

Meanwhile, Japan has told China now is not the time for talks about ending Pyongyang’s nuclear programme. China called for a meeting on Sunday, to ease tensions on the Korean peninsula.

And tension is on the increase. Four people died last week when North Korea shelled this island in the South – one of the worst flare-ups since the end of the Korean war in 1953.

In the Wikileaks memo, China said the North was behaving like a “spoilt child”.

Protestors in Seoul today launched balloons over the border and burned North Korean flags to show, they said, how brutal North Korea’s regime is.

Several countries, not just Beijing, fear instability in the wake of the eventual death of the frail Kim Jong-Il.