Haiti poll valid despite ''serious irregularities''

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Haiti poll valid despite ''serious irregularities''

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Despite an admission of serious irregularities, international observers have endorsed Haiti’s troubled presidential election.

Problems reportedly included voter manipulation, violence and intimidation in what has been described as a “toxic” atmosphere.

Nevertheless, monitors consider Sunday poll valid.

‘‘Based on these observations in the 11 electoral departments, the joint mission does not believe that these irregularities, serious as some of them were, necessarily invalidated process,’‘ Colin Granderson, Head of the Organisation of American States and Caribbean Community said.

Most of Haiti’s presidential candidates, however, have alleged massive fraud.

But two front runners, former first lady Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly, have now distanced themselves from a call for the election to be voided.

Earlier, supporters of Martelly, a popular singer also known as ‘‘Sweet Micky’‘, were out in force in the capital Port-au-Prince.

In what appears to be a dramatic U-turn, Martelly has now suddenly said the votes should be counted, despite still alleging mass fraud.

The poll is seen as crucial for administering billions of euros of funds, however, the varied field of candidates means an outright winner is unlikely. A run-off will take place in January.