Low expectation as UN climate talks convene

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Low expectation as UN climate talks convene

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A new round of UN climate talks gets underway today in Cancun in Mexico.

Switching on a wind turbine to power the UN conference’s hotel, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said discussions between some 200 nations would focus on preparations for a hotter world.

But, the fanfare in the beach resort is well below that of last year’s Copenhagen summit in Denmark. That aimed to agree a new climate deal but was widely criticised as a failure because of its non-binding nature.

Despite the generally low expectations, green activists are calling for real action.

Greenpeace Climate Coordinator Joao Talocci said:

‘‘Greenpeace is here in Chichen Itza, Mexico to remind delegates meeting for the UN climate talks of a crucial lesson: even the most advanced civilisations collapse. If we do nothing, climate change could have devastating consequences for humanity.’‘

Protecting the planet’s rain forests is also expected to dominate the agenda.

The EU is also pushing for emerging economies to set firmer targets on cutting their greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to achieve something concrete and avoid more hot air.