Swiss say "yes" to deporting foreign criminals

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Swiss say "yes" to deporting foreign criminals

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Exit polls in Switzerland have shown a narrow vote in favour of deporting foreign criminals.

Projections predict around 53 percent of voters in Sunday’s referendum have backed the move, which will see the automatic expulsion of foreign nationals convicted of certain crimes.

Forty three per cent are thought to have voted against the motion.

Opponents had argued that Switzerland already has tough laws to expel convicted foreigners. Around 750 foreigners are expelled each year.

The vote is being seen as the latest sign of growing hostility to immigration in the country.

It was backed by the right-wing Swiss People Party which successfully won a referendum last year to ban the construction of new


However, it could now take years to decide which crimes will be included on the list.

Serious crimes such as murder, rape and drugs trafficking are likely to be included along with social security fraud.