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Soldiers target drug dealers in Rio favela

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Soldiers target drug dealers in Rio favela


Soldiers in Rio de Janiero have stormed a major favela in the city in a bid to rid the area of drug traffickers. Around 2,600 troops took part in the operation.

Armoured vehicles and helicopters were also used.

Estimates say up to 600 traffickers operate in the Alemao area in the north of the city.Officers said many of them were resisting arrest and fighting back with firearms.

At least 85,000 people are said to live in the complex.

The operation is part of a major effort to clean up Rio’s slums before the city hosts football World Cup games in 2014 and the Olympics two years later.

Drugs were seized during the crackdown which comes after a week of widespread violence in Rio with at least 35 deaths, mostly of suspected traffickers.

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