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Cholera and confusion as Haiti votes

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Cholera and confusion as Haiti votes


Chaos, cholera and confusion the backdrop to Haiti’s first presidential and parliamentary elections since January’s earthquake left 200,000 dead.

Eighteen candidates are looking to claim the presidency, with three expected to make the January run-off.

Former first lady Mirlande Manigat is ahead in the polls, from Jude Celestin, the protege of outgoing President Rene Preval and musician Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly.

Nothing is easy in Haiti, the shattered infrastructure makes movement difficult, add a killer cholera epidemic, violence and a hungry population it’s hardly a scenario in which democracy can flourish.

UN troops are on hand to assist the Haitian police secure the 11,000 polling stations.

Many fear a turbulant election, which may drive the Caribbean country further into turmoil.

The international community hopes that the vote will lead to a stable, legitimate government that can get on with the job of reconstruction.

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