Protesters target Italian government

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Protesters target Italian government

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A banner read “The young and jobs are the future,” as members of Italy’s biggest trade union marched in Rome calling for immediate action against job losses and the country’s ever weakening economy.

Several thousand workers gathered to wave flags and chant slogans against the government.

“Italian people are sick of it,” said one protestor. “We don’t want to see those kinds of things anymore. Our country is heading towards destruction.”

The focus of the protests was Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Placards were waved likening him to a porn star, another showed the Italian leader on a giant stamp with the slogan “remember to only spit on the back” underneath.

The march was led by the CGIL Union’s first female leader, Susanna Camusso.

“This country has no future,” she told members,“if the government does not start pursuing different employment policies and improves our children’s chances of studying and of finding a job.”

The demonstration follows several other protests against education cuts in Italy, including one by students on Thursday.

Increased anger has prepared the ground for a no confidence vote in parliament on December 14th which could trigger early elections next year.