Demonstrators in Dublin protest austerity cuts

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Demonstrators in Dublin protest austerity cuts

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Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Dublin to protest against harsh austerity measures promised by the Irish government.

Organisers estimate between 50 and 100 thousand people came from all over Ireland to march against drastic spending cuts.

Anger has been building against Prime Minister Brian Cowan and Finance Minister Brian Lenihan who were both lampooned by protestors.

They have pledged to make 15 billion euros of budget cuts over the next few years to bring the country’s deficit down from 32 percent to the EU’s limit of just three percent.

Unions are arguing that cuts in the minimum wage, public sector salaries and pensions are unfair and that the government should do more to create jobs.

This week, to quell public anger, Prime Minister Cowan announced early elections in the New Year but denied coming under pressure.

“I am the democratically elected leader of this party. I am the Taoiseach of this country. I want to continue with that job,” he said.

Demonstrations are likely to continue in Ireland ahead of the government’s Budget announcement on December the 7th.

There is likely to be more anger too when details of a combined IMF, EU and European Central Bank loan are made clear in the coming days.