Irish anger at Prime Minister Cowen

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Irish anger at Prime Minister Cowen

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The Irish have taken to the streets to show the strength of their feeling at the bailout package.

Tensions are running high amid fears that the Irish government under Prime Minister Brian Cowen has sold out.

Protestors marched on the Irish parliament building in Dublin and left no doubt as to their condemnation of the decision.

A defensive Irish Prime Minister, Brian Cowen said:

“All of my colleagues have provided full support because of the national importance of proceeding with the job that we have undertaken and must complete.”

He added, “I have said to all of my colleagues that we are a democratic party and there are democratic processes for dealing with any issues that arise in relation to our party.”

The Green Party is the junior member of the coalition and they have already called for a January election. But they too will likely fall at the ballot box, and all eyes are now on the Donegal South-West by-election. It should give a useful insight into the winds of political change about to sweep through the country.

The incumbent Fianna Fail party has dominated Irish politics for the last three decades but have never looked more frail in their history.