Egyptian election under fire as poll looms

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Egyptian election under fire as poll looms

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Egypt’s parliamentary election is coming under increasing criticism from both the opposition and civil groups with NGO’s threatening to withdraw as observers.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the banned opposition group, has openly accused the government of rigging the vote by preventing its candidates from standing and arresting around 250 of its supporters.

The party claim that since it announced it would fight the election 1,200 of its backers have been taken into custody, where 500 remain.

Hafez Abu Sadda is from the Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights:

“We need the government to provide guarantees about the integrity of the election process because of recent violations.”

The NGO group urged President Hosni Mubarak to intervene to keep the poll free and fair.

euronews correspondent Mohamed Elhamy said:

“The election is proving difficult for the banned group as the arrests and prosecutions continue, described by the Muslim Brotherhood as unprecedented.”