False alarms in Germany as terror fears intensify

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False alarms in Germany as terror fears intensify

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Warnings of a heightened terrorist threat have sparked security jitters in Germany with a series of false alarms as people report suspicious objects.

An underground train station in Hamburg was evacuated and a bomb disposal robot brought in after an unattended suitcase was spotted.

Part of the network was closed for two hours before

passengers were allowed to resume their journeys. Similar scares on public transport have hit Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hannover.

In the Hamburg incident, police explained how the case was scanned but its contents could not be identified so officers destroyed it.

It comes as officials said a suspected bomb found in Namibia during loading of a Munich-bound flight

was, in fact, a device used to test security.

Germany is on alert, saying it has evidence that Islamist militants are planning imminent attacks.