British police tactics questioned after student riots

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British police tactics questioned after student riots

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Questions are being asked of Britain’s largest police force regarding their handling of a student march which turned violent. Protesters caused extensive damage to the Conservative party headquarters in central London.

As hundreds of students forced their way into the building at one point there were only 20 uniformed officers on hand to deal with the situation. More than 30 people were arrested and 14 others were injured.

Observers believe most of the trouble makers were not members of the National Union of Students who were demonstrating about a hike in tuition fees.

One student protester said: “I think for some people it may have damaged the message but I think for other people it will have made it stronger.”

Another student joined in saying, “It is a shame that it came to this however, you cannot blame people for acting in this way when they have exhausted all other options.”

Government proposals to treble tuition fees at some UK universities have caused widespread anger among students.

Most of those participating did so in a law abiding way.

The march had been planned in liaison with the Metropolitan police but in the end just 225 police officers were deployed to control a demonstration which saw 50,000 students on the streets.