Pope shooter alleges Vatican planned the assassination

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Pope shooter alleges Vatican planned the assassination

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In 1983 Pope John Paul II met his would-be assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca, face to face.

The killer who murdered a left-wing journalist in 1979 and then shot and wounded the Polish pope in 1981, has appeared on Turkish television.

The man who spent 19 years in an Italian prison and ten in a Turkish jail was released earlier this year.

During the interview Agca alleged that the Vatican planned the murder of the pontiff.

“The Vatican government decided to assassinate the Pope. They planned and organised it. The order to shoot the Pope was given by Vatican secretary, Cardinal Agostino Casaroli.”

Cardinal Casaroli was the Vatican’s Secretary of State under John Paul II. He was the man behind the Rome’s efforts to deal with the persecution of Catholics in the Soviet empire.

Agca’s latest accusation is just one of many he has made since he attempted to kill the Pope.

At the time of the shooting he said he acted alone.

The Pope was shot twice in the stomach, once in the right arm, the fourth bullet hit his little finger.

He went on the make a complete recovery.

The Vatican has not responded to the accusations.