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Nuclear waste train crosses German border

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Nuclear waste train crosses German border


A train carrying 123 tonnes of nuclear waste, dubbed ‘Chernobyl on wheels’ by protesters, has crossed the border from France into Germany.

A strong police presence is surrounding the controversial journey. The train has already been temporarily stopped by activists on the French side of the border.

In a bid to avoid further disruption, with demonstrators blocking the tracks in Gemany, it was re-routed and entered the country at Kehl this afternoon.

The 123 tonnes of nuclear waste originated from German power plants. Reprocessed in Normandy, it is being returned for storage at a dump in Gorleben.

Anti-nuclear feeling in Germany has been stirred by opposition to the government’s decision to extend the lifespan of the nation’s atomic power plants.

French nuclear giant Areva has defended the safety of the operation, saying the amount of waste is around the same as in previous shipments.

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