Italy approves new laws on immigration

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Italy approves new laws on immigration

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Italian government ministers have approved a new security package which would allow citizens of other EU states to be deported if they do not fufill certain criteria.

But is this an essential piece of legislation – or a smokescreen aimed at fogging attention surrounding Silvio Berlusconi, who is in the grip of another scandal, as critics claim?

The Prime Minister has admitted contacting police on behalf of an 18-year-old Moroccan runaway named Ruby who was accused of petty theft.

He denies using improper influence and says he was only offering reasonable assistance to someone in need.

Ruby has admitted attending a party at Berlusconi’s villa near Milan.

The new measures will also empower police to expel any immigrant working as a prostitute on the street.

The government says this is in line with EU laws dating back to 2004.

Freeing up WIFI internet access in public places is another measure agreed on.

It has been restricted since 2005, due to fears of terrorist activity in the wake of the July bombings in London.