Scores die in biggest Merapi eruption so far

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Scores die in biggest Merapi eruption so far

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The biggest eruption so far of Mount Merapi in Indonesia has devastated scores of villages and hectares of countryside in central Java.

The temperature was so high, some of the ruins are still smouldering hours after a volcanic gas cloud incinerated everything in its path.

In total, more than one hundred people are so far known to have been killed.

The volcano is one of the world’s most active, and is located in a densely populated area in central Java.

The danger zone around the crater, where gas clouds are still spewing out, has been widened to 20 kilometres. Scientists warn there is more to come.

There is huge pressure on the authorities to help those affected by the eruptions.

75000 have been evacuated from their homes.

Indonesia is also dealing with the aftermath of another natural disaster, after 400 died in a tsunami in the Mentawi Islands last week.