"We're very lucky" say shaken Qantas passengers

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"We're very lucky" say shaken Qantas passengers

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They had hoped to have reached Australia. Instead Qantas passengers who trooped into the terminal building at Changi airport are being put up overnight in Singapore following their mid-air fright.

Some said they heard a loud bang and saw parts of the engine casing fall off.

The plane spent an hour and a half circling above the airport before making the emergency landing.

Another plane will now be sent on Friday to take them on to Sydney.

“We’re very lucky to be honest, because that could have gone into the fuel tank or something, so it could have been a lot worse,” said passenger Neil Shephard. “But only when we stepped off the aircraft did we really see… we looked under the aircraft and you could see the back end of the engine.”

The A380 has had other operational problems. Two tyres burst upon landing in Sydney earlier this year.
Last year a Singapore Airlines A380 suffered engine failure after taking off from Paris.

But industry insiders say the superjumbo has a good reputation and is popular with passengers.

Despite a series of production delays, there have been several new orders for the plane.