Signs of thaw between Russia and NATO

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Signs of thaw between Russia and NATO

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There are signs of a thaw between Russia and its former Cold War foes.

NATO alliance chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen met the Russian president in the Kremlin.

He heard Moscow pledge to boost cooperation in Afghanistan and be more receptive to plans for a European missile shield.

“Russia-Nato relations have become more productive and substantive over the past months.
This offers an opportunity to build a sound security system in Europe and worldwide.” said President Dmitry Medvedev.

The talks will form the basis of a bi-lateral agreement due to be signed at the NATO summit in Lisbon later this month.

However, few concrete details have been revealed.

Moscow now says it is willing to co-operate on NATO plans for a missile shield, to counter what the alliance sees as a potential threat from Iran.

In addition, Russian and US officials are hailing an unprecedented joint anti-drugs operation in Afghanistan last week as proof that efforts to improve strained relations are working.

There are officials in Moscow who still view the alliance with deep suspicion and watchers say a complete thaw in relations could take some time.