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More strikes over pension reforms in France

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More strikes over pension reforms in France


Workers protesting against pension reforms in France have blocked access to Charles de Gaulle airport in Roissy, near Paris. Last week the French parliament gave the final approval to the bill, which will see minimum retirement age rise from 60 to 62, and the age for claiming a full pension go up to 67.

Despite the bill’s passing, protesters aren’t backing down, such as Jean-Luc Jean-Georges, member of air transport section: “No, it’s not a lost cause. The reform has been voted, but we can say no to the people who voted this bill, and that we disagree with this completely unfair reform.”

The country’s four main trade unions organised more demonstrations at other airports across France, including Toulouse and Nantes. More protests are planned for Saturday.

French President, Nicholas Sarkozy, continued with the unpopular reforms despite weeks of strikes which shut down schools and blocked oil refineries. The bill still has to clear a legal hurdle to decide whether it is constitutional, but it look almost certain to become law.

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