Polls open in US midterm elections

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Polls open in US midterm elections

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Americans have started voting in crucial midterm elections that threaten to sweep the Democrats from power in Congress and seriously dent Barack Obama’s presidency.

Some voters were up at the crack of dawn to cast their ballots in the east of the country.

In Philadelphia last night, America’s First Lady joined supporters fighting the president’s corner in the face of widespread voter anger and discontent.

“This election isn’t just about all that we’ve accomplished these past couple years, this election is about all that we have left to do in the months and years ahead,” Michelle Obama said.

The Republicans were also on the campaign trail with last-minute appeals to voters.

John Boehner is in line to become Speaker of the House of Representatives if, as expected, the Republicans win a majority.

Speaking in Ohio, Boehner attacked Obama over a recent slip-up when he described opponents as enemies. “That word isn’t ‘enemies’, it’s ‘patriots’,” he said.

The Republicans have a harder task in trying to win a majority in the Senate.

But control of even one chamber of Congress could paralyse Obama’s programme.