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Democrats look to retain Senate

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Democrats look to retain Senate


In the American mid-term elections, pundits are suggesting that the Democrats will maintian control of the Senate by the skin of their teeth – which may be some comfort for President Obama who is braced to lose control of the House of Representatives. 
In the race for the House of Representatives, voting is tight. The Republicans are confidently expecting to win the night, and so far have gained 178 seats out of the minimum of 218 they need to control the house. (There are a total of 435 seats.)  The Democrats have held on to 118 seats so far. In the governors’ elections, out of 37 seats up for grabs, 14 have been won by Republicans, and 6 by the Democrats.

In the Senate, 50 seats are needed to have a majority and so far, the Democrats have 48 and the Republicans 44.
In Kentucky, Tea-Party favourite and eye-doctor Paul Rand has won in Kentucky, beating Democrat Jack Conway whose nasty-ad attack backfired alientating voters and apparently handing his opponent victory on a plate. 
In Indiana, the Republicans’ Dan Coats, an establishment figure, has won in the Senate race beating Demoncrat Brad Ellsworth.  
In Vermont, Patrick Leahy has won a seat in the Senate for the Democrats, beating Republican Leonard Britton
In South Carolina, the Republican candidate Jim DeMint has beaten Democrat Alvin Greene to a seat in the Senate.  Alvin Greene was perhaps the most unlikely of candidates in this election.  An ex-soldier with no previous political experience, his Youtube video went viral and many thought he had a chance of winning.    
In Georgia, Michael Thurmond has won for the Democrats in the race for control of the Senate beating incumbent Republican candidate Johnny Isakson.
In North Carolina the Senate seat has been won by Republican candidate Richard Burr, who beat Democrat Elaine Marshall.
In Ohio, as expected, Republican Rob Portman (previously a Bush administration trade director) has beaten Democrat Lee Fisher to a seat in the Senate.  
West Virginia, a highly-prized seat, has been won by Democratic Governor Joe Manchin, beating Republican John Raese, seen as something of a showman. This isn’t all good news for Obama however, as Manchin tends to plough his own furrow, often campaigning against presidential policies.
In Florida, much to the dismay of the Democrats, Republican Marco Rubio has won a seat in the Senate against Democrat Kendrick Meek. 38 years old with four children, the son of Cuban immigrants, Rubio is very much a rising star of the Tea Paryty and the Republican Party.
In Alabama, Republican Richard Shelby has beaten Democrat William Barnes to a seat in the Senate.
In Oklahoma the Republican candidate Tom Coburn has beaten Democrat Jim Rogers to a seat in the Senate.
In Missouri Republican Roy Blunt has won against Robin Carnahan in the race to the Senate.
In Illinois, after an incredibly close race, it appears that Republican Mark Kirk is winning a Senate seat against Democrat Alexi Giannoulias after an extraordinarily ill-natured campaign – voters being offered the choice between “a thief and a liar”.
In Pennsylvania after an incredibly tight race, Democrat Joe Sestak it seems to be in the leadin the race to the Senate against Republican Pat Toomey.
In Maryland the Democrat candidate Barbara Mikulski beat Eric Wargotz to the Senate. 
In Delaware Democrat Christopher Coons has beaten Republican Christine O Donnell to a seat in the Senate – pundits are saying that O Donnell, who was forced to deny being a witch during her campaign, was just too extreme. 
In Connecticut the Democrats have held onto their Senate seat, Dick Blumenthal beating Linda McMahon for the Republicans.
In New Hampshire, the Republican candidate Kelly Ayotte has won a seat in the Senate, beating Democrat Paul Hodes.  
In Arkansas, Republican John Boozman has won a Senate seat beating Democrat Blanche Lincoln. 
In Wisconsin Republican Ron Johnson has beaten Democrat Russ Feingold in the race to the Senate.  This is a huge blow to the Democrats. Ron Johnson’s first experience of politics was when he went to a Tea Party meeting a year ago.  He has previously blamed global warming on sunspots.
President Obama is braced for massive losses in these mid-term elections.  Pundits have been reporting for days that his Democratic Party are expecting to lose control of the House of Representatives although they may just hang onto the Senate by the skin of their teeth.
Historically speaking, US presidents often lose seats at mid-term elections, especially during their first terms – and then go on to win second terms.  So although the results of this mid-term election may see Obama down, he may well not be out.
He may well however, be entering a two-year long struggle to get even the most insignificant legislation past Congress. 

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