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Jail deal for Guantanamo's youngest inmate

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Jail deal for Guantanamo's youngest inmate


Guantanamo Bay’s youngest prisoner has been sentenced to 40 years behind bars by an American war crimes tribunal.

But Omar Khadr will only serve a maximum of eight years under a deal that recognised his admission of murdering a US soldier in Afghanistan.

The 24 year old will be sent home to his native Canada in 12 months to complete his sentence.

After the verdict Tabitha Speer, the widow of murdered US Army Sergeant Christopher Speer, said: “I miss my husband very, very much. There will never be anyone or anything that can replace or bring him back. But today, this helps to close a huge chapter.”

But retired soldier Layne Morris, who was wounded in the attack that killed Sgt Speer said: “As I see, only continued political meddling has resulted in a deal for Omar Khadr, putting him on a fast-track to freedom, frankly.”

Khadr was 15 when captured in Afghanistan in 2002 and is the first person since World War Two to be prosecuted in a war crimes tribunal for acts committed as a minor.

Canadian law says he can apply for parole after serving a third of his sentence.

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