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Istanbul suicide bomb inquiry points to PKK


Istanbul suicide bomb inquiry points to PKK

The Kurdish separatists the PKK are emerging as the most likely perpetrators of a bombing in Istanbul yesterday, even though no group has claimed the attack.

Thirty-two people people were wounded when a suicide bomber detonated a device in the city’s main Taksim Square on the day a PKK ceasefire expired.

A senior Turkish security official said it is ’90 per cent’ certain the outlawed PKK carried out the attack, all but ruling out al Qaeda.

Most of the seriously injured were police officers.

Istanbul resident Mustafa Sen said: “We will never surrender to such attacks and they will never win with these attacks. They should demand their rights in a more democratic way. They cannot succeed by killing innocent people.”

The PKK, or Kurdistan Workers party are considered a terrorist group by the United States and the European Union. They have targeted Istanbul several times in their 30 year fight for an independent Kurdish homeland.