Governments review air security after Yemen plot

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Governments review air security after Yemen plot

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Britain and Germany have announced new airline security measures in the wake of the parcel bomb threat against the United States.

Cargo flights from Yemen and now Somalia will be banned from entering British airspace.

It follows a crisis committee convened by Prime Minister David Cameron after an explosive package was found on a UPS cargo plane at East Midlands Airport on Friday.

It has emerged it passed through Germany en route sparking Berlin to review its procedures.

Detailing the move, Transport Ministry spokesman, Ingo Strater said Germany will now extend a ban on cargo flights from Yemen to include passenger services.

“All direct and indirect flights will also be banned from German air space until further notice,” he added.

The bomb, which as inside a printer ink cartridge container, contained an industrial explosive called PETN – the same material used by the suspected bombmaker behind the foiled attempt to bring down a US airliner last Christmas.

US authorities say Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri is now the prime suspect in the mail bomb plot against synagogues in Chicago.

In Yemen, meanwhile, students from Sanaa university have been celebrating the release of a woman who was detained in connection with the posting of the explosive package.