Brazil elects female president

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Brazil elects female president

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Brazil has chosen former leftist guerrilla, Dilma Rousseff as its new president in resounding fashion.

The 62-year-old also becomes the first woman head of state.

Addressing Worker Party faithful, Rousseff the chosen successor of outgoing president, Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva said: “I will be the president of all Brazilians, respecting differences of opinion, belief or political leaning. Our country needs to improve the conduct and quality of politics.

“I commit myself to political reform which will improve republican values and take our young democracy forward.

“I would like very especially to thank President Lula.”

Rousseff – a former radical left militant who was imprisoned and tortured during Brazil’s military rule and who has never held elected office before -pledged to continue Lula’s policies that have lifted millions out of poverty and propelled Brazil into prominence on the world stage.