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Al Qaeda claims attack on Baghdad church

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Al Qaeda claims attack on Baghdad church


Funerals have taken place for some of the Christian worshippers killed in one of the bloodiest attack on Iraq’s Christian minority in seven years.

Fifty two hostages and police officers were killed when Iraqi security forces stormed Our Lady of Salvation, one of Baghdad’s largest Catholic churches, to free more than a hundred hostages seized by gunmen.

Al Qaeda says it was behind the attack but some Iraqis believe the blame lies elsewhere.

“I blame the government, the world must know, the government we have is one that America installed. Thank you Bush, thank you Obama. Thank you USA!”, said one man in a Baghdad street.

At least 67 people were wounded in the raid on the church which was seized by guerrillas during Sunday mass in the deadliest attack since August.

Six gunmen are also said to have died in the fighting.

The group reportedly demanded the release of al Qaeda prisoners in Iraq and Egypt.

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